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Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You is a project where superheroes are drawn based on the costumes of young girls.

This submission is Amazing Girl!

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This 3200 Year Old Tree is So Massive, It’s Never Been Captured in a Single Image…Until Now

It takes a special kind of tree to have a nickname like “The President”. The giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall and is an estimated 3,200 years old. The trunk measures 27 feet across and, between the base and the highest peak, there are an estimated two billion needles.

Until now, the tree had never been photographed in its entirety. A team of photographers from National Geographic worked with scientists from California’s Sequoia National Park to try to be the first.

It took an intricate set of pulleys and levers to scale the tree, which one scientist argues is the largest in the world (if you take into account width). After stitching together 126 separate photos, we are left with this mind-blowing portrait of “The President” captured in a single photo for the first time.

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Sent this to my partner tonight. We rarely spend nights apart, but when we do, it calls for a nerd-o-gram!


Sent this to my partner tonight. We rarely spend nights apart, but when we do, it calls for a nerd-o-gram!

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Whatever floats your stoat


Whatever floats your stoat

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That’s a Tiffany Blue, darling. (The Hobbit BTS)

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I thought I would share with you the evolution of my tfios fan art, that then expanded into a panorama that encompassed John’s core four.

It took me about 4 days, and I got about a cover done a day.  I’ve never done digital painting on this level before, and was constantly surprised at the results as I was drawing this (especially the flower).

I was really hoping DFTBA records would pick these up as posters, as they’re the only website that could sell them in sets, plus being.. y’know, really suitable.  I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for posters, but they seem completely disinterested, so I’ll try and sort something out for everyone (probably involving redbubble).

If you’re interested in buying a poster I would suggest following me here on tumblr.  I’ll certainly be vocal about it if I work it out.  And who knows, if all goes well, maybe I’ll do more stuff like this in the future.

This is freaking awesome.

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Hank Green answered my ask on tumblr and is generally a 100% swell guy :)